Deciding what modes to keep.

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Thu Sep 29 23:39:28 UTC 2016

Gary E. Miller <gem at>:
> On Thu, 29 Sep 2016 19:19:28 -0400
> "Eric S. Raymond" <esr at> wrote:
> > So, the question for our domain experts is, are there any serious use
> > cases for broadcast modes?  They cost a lot in configuration and
> > code complexity; it would be nice to just drop them. How much
> > screaming might that cause from actual users?
> I don't care if there is a valid 'serious' use case or not.  When 
> someone tries to sell his boss on moving from NTP Classic to NTPsec
> he does not want to have to do a large use case analysis.  There
> is a strong case for 'drop-in replacement' possible.  Like the
> 'notrap' option.

But we have one mission imperative that trumps drop-in replacement:
security.  And what makes these modes targets for removal is that,
according to Daniel, there are fundamentally impossible to secure.

I did in fact restore a dummy 'notrap' keyword so old configs
won't break.  But that's because it had no security implications.

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