How the KERNEL_PLL switch kills TESTFRAME

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Yo Eric!

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> Gary E. Miller <gem at>:
> > Yo Eric!
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> > > Remember, you can't even *build* the KERNEL_PLL version on a
> > > platform without adjtimex(2).    
> > 
> > The linux man page for adjtimex(2) says that ntp_adjtime() is
> > preferred.  
> Which I find strange.  Preferred for portability, maybe, but
> adjtimex() is strictly more powerful.

really?  How do you get that from this text:

   ntp_adjtime ()
       The ntp_adjtime() library function (described in the NTP "Kernel
       Appli‐ cation Program API", KAPI) is a more portable interface
       for performing the same task as adjtimex().  Other than the
       following points, it is identical to adjtime():

       * The constants used in modes are prefixed with "MOD_" rather
         than "ADJ_", and have the same suffixes (thus, MOD_OFFSET,
         MOD_FREQUENCY, and so on), other than the exceptions noted in the
         following points.

       *  MOD_CLKA is the synonym for ADJ_OFFSET_SINGLESHOT.

       *  MOD_CLKB is the synonym for ADJ_TICK.

       * The is no synonym for ADJ_OFFSET_SS_READ, which is not
         described in the KAPI.

> > What system has adjtimex(2) and not ntp_adjtime(2)?  
> None that I know of.  I doubt any such exost. because if you have
> adjtimex(2) you can implement ntp_adjtime(2) with it.

Right, they are equivalant, so no big reason to change, except the
man page requests it.

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