NTPsec's longer-term objectives

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Go has a GC. the Go standard library and the complier implementation will
always be utterly controlled by Google, and will be full of Google magic.
Go's usecase is to solve Google's problems, and can basically be modelled
as "compiled Python that forcefully avoids all of the kinds of typos that
Dr Pike got annoyed with typing for the past 30 years". It may make sense
to rewrite reposurgeon in Go, to break out of Python's performance

Rust is "C with sane types and sane scoping and sane string handling and
sane threading, with a focus on zero runtime cost abstractions".  If
someone was to write security critical internet facing daemons from
scratch, Rust would probably be the right choice.


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>> While this is in some ways a tempting thought, I think the energy we
>> might spend on this would be better directed towards a newer language
>> that *is* suitable for soft realtime and has good provability properties
>> for security.  Rust or Go seem like the obvious candidates.
> /me rushes to reserve the GoNTPGo.com domain name.
> Now to squat till Mark and pals make me an offer.
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