How much do we care about high-load scenarios?

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Sep 14 00:25:01 UTC 2016

On 13/09/2016 16:25, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> Not a crazy idea, but I lean against it. My problem is that threading is a
> serious defect attractor (as we have in fact seen in the async-DNS code).

I would not tar all threading architectures and designs with the 
async-DNS threading code brush. Looking at that code you have a good 
case however that is more of a result of that design than threading.

> I'd take a good deal of persuading about the expected gain in performance
> before I'd accept the implied increase in expected defect rates.

Reading an ARM CortexA Programmer's Guide on Profiling today I came 
across a this comment, quoting ...

  Donald Knuth once famously observed that “Premature optimization
  is the root of all evil”.


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