-g screqup (from IRC)

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Sep 12 20:26:38 UTC 2016

> 12:09:40    gemiller
>                      | "killall ntpd; sleep 1; ntpd -N -g" 
>                      | screws up the clock for over a day,
>                      | much better without the -g 

You have either found a very interesting bug or you are on a wild goose chase.

The -g switch is supposed to be very simple.  It allows a large initial step. 
 Other than that, it shouldn't do anything.

Are you getting steps at all?  grep your ntpd.log for "clock_step".  It needs 
lots of logging turned on.  You can test it with the bump option in ntpfrob.

steps are reasonably common at first-boot.  The size of the step depends upon 
how good your TOY/CMOS clock is.

There is a reasonable common case that I don't like that may be causing you 
troubles.  The default is to use the first server that responds.  That is 
likely to be off quite a bit if you are comparing it to a PPS setup that 
works well.  (But that has nothing to do with -g)

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