ntpviz - Don't plot a line during data absence

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Oct 23 21:30:18 UTC 2016

> Why do we care?   Don't we still get a sample, of some sort, every X?

Yes if you look in rawstats.  No if you look in peerstats.  That was the 
whole point of this discussion.  (as well as good background)

> So the current line break hack does not plot a line longer than 1024 sec.
> Lines of 1024 sec are plotted.  That will not work for folks setting maxpoll
> over 1024 sec.

It will also get occasional bogus breaks with the default maxpoll of 1024 
when the peer logic filters out several samples.

> Aren't reclocks local?  Thus no rtt?

The data from a refclock gets merged into the main flow.  It has to have some 
rtt.  0 seems like a good number.

> Is there anything to try in real plots.

You should setup a system using the pool.  That will give you lots of 
interesting data to look at.

If you setup a local known-good server (or several) to use it as a noselect 
server, you can compare the offset they see with its claimed offset.

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