POLICY: devel at ntpsec.org is the primary channel of developer discussion and coordination

Mark Atwood fallenpegasus at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 21:09:19 UTC 2016


I would like to formalize a policy about development communication, which
can be touch-in-cheek expressed as:

If it wasn't in email, it didn't happen.

It is currently popular and trendy to use a "chat-centric" developer
communication model.  Chat-centric dev does make sense for rapidly changing
devops and webapp environments, where a moderate sized team is constantly
full time working on a large live "agile" project that is constantly
deploying into production.   That's not us, that is not the kind of project
that NTPsec is.

We will continue to operate the existing IRC channel irc://
freenode.net/#ntpsec which is very useful for semi-realtime interaction
with the larger interest commnuity, and for public coordination with two or
more developers are working in sync.

But, again, please continue to consider this email list devel at ntpsec.org to
be the primary channel of developer discussion and coordination.

Thank you!

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