Build broken on NetBSD and FreeBSD

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Oct 13 09:34:33 UTC 2016

../../libntp/machines.c:92:5: error: 'struct timex' has no member named 'time'
../../libntp/machines.c:101:5: error: 'struct timex' has no member named 

>From NetBSD:

struct timex {
        unsigned int modes;     /* clock mode bits (wo) */  
        long    offset;         /* time offset (ns/us) (rw) */
        long    freq;           /* frequency offset (scaled PPM) (rw) */
        long    maxerror;       /* maximum error (us) (rw) */
        long    esterror;       /* estimated error (us) (rw) */
        int     status;         /* clock status bits (rw) */
        long    constant;       /* poll interval (log2 s) (rw) */  
        long    precision;      /* clock precision (ns/us) (ro) */
        long    tolerance;      /* clock frequency tolerance (scaled
                                 * PPM) (ro) */ 
         * The following read-only structure members are implemented
         * only if the PPS signal discipline is configured in the
         * kernel. They are included in all configurations to insure
         * portability.
        long    ppsfreq;        /* PPS frequency (scaled PPM) (ro) */
        long    jitter;         /* PPS jitter (ns/us) (ro) */
        int     shift;          /* interval duration (s) (shift) (ro) */
        long    stabil;         /* PPS stability (scaled PPM) (ro) */
        long    jitcnt;         /* jitter limit exceeded (ro) */
        long    calcnt;         /* calibration intervals (ro) */
        long    errcnt;         /* calibration errors (ro) */
        long    stbcnt;         /* stability limit exceeded (ro) */

FreeBSD looks identical.

No tai either, I'd expect some hack to print it out.

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