Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Tue Oct 11 10:47:51 UTC 2016

Gary E. Miller <gem at rellim.com>:
> Here is a size issue.
> esterror is a long of micro sec:
> ../include/ntp_syscall.h:	long int	esterror;	/* estimated error (us) (ro) */
> And now esterror is a uint32_t:
> ntp_loopfilter.c:			ntv.esterror = (uint32_t)(clock_jitter * 1e6);
> Can that be made consistent, and nano sec?
> You want to try?  Or would you rather I butcher it?

That cast looks wrong.  So does the one on the line following. I've changed
it to cast to long.

As Hal says, the microsecond unit is a wired-in property of the API.
We can't fix that.
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