Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Oct 5 22:38:21 UTC 2016

I think I see the confusion.

My version of "remove" was remove the #ifdef and leave the code.  (and 
cleanup any #else...)

sys/timex.h is where ntp_adjtime and ntp_gettime come from

Do we currently run on any systems without ntp_adjtime from sys/timex.h?

It seemed like such a stupid idea that I didn't pay much attention to Gary's 
experiment.  (I was slightly amazed that it worked at all.  That's probably 
another feather in Eric's cap for not breaking that path during all the 


There is a comment in wafhelpers/
        # Some systems don't have sys/timex.h eg OS X, OpenBSD...

I don't have access to OS X to poke around.
I don't have an OpenBSD setup, but that is relatively easy to fix.

I assume OS X is important.  What's the API for time hacking there?

How much do we care about OpenBSD?
It might be useful to make sure that any workaround for OS X is general 
enough to handle another case.

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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