SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 64-bit for Raspberry Pi 3

Frank Nicholas frank at
Thu Nov 24 13:54:44 UTC 2016

A supported 64-bit Linux has officially arrived on the Raspberry Pi 3.  Because it is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, I expect it to be more stable (fewer changes) than Raspbian (if SLES/SLED is any indication).  SLES is offered at no cost with a free subscription for a year of updates.  SUSE forum posts indicate after the year is up, that another free year of updates can be applied for, instead of paying for a subscription.  SLES does include Systemd, and I’m not about to try and rip it out (as much as I dislike it).  I’ll be using SLES as distributed.

I dedicated one of my Pi 3s to SLES, and am working on the toolchain to build GPSd & NTPsec.  I have a less expensive ($24.95 USD vs. $39.95 USD) version of the GPS chip that is on the Adafruit Ultimate GPS (MT3339).  The Microstack GPS module can be used just like the Adafruit Ultimate GPS breakout board, without the Microstack base board.  I also found some more documentation for another package of the actual GPS chip (Quectel L80 - linked below).

I’ll post back after I get GPSd & NTPSec to build.

SLES on Raspberry Pi documentation links & announcements: <> <> <> <>

Microstack GPS (same MT3339 chip as Adafruit Ultimate GPS, but less expensive - $24.99): <> <> <> <> <>

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