Python ntpq lands - what to do next?

Hal Murray hmurray at
Sun Nov 6 04:49:47 UTC 2016

esr at said:
> OK, I've just modified the autorevision command in pylib to make and use a
> cache file.  The cache file location is declared as a target, which should
> mean it gets picked up by waf dist. 

I think that's working with my hack and with a real tarball.  Thanks.

There is still a can of worms in this area.  If I do a git pull and build to 
setup that cache, then do an edit but no commit, doesn't show any 
difference between the before/after than edit.

>> waf clean doesn't get pylib/ or pylib/ or 
>> pylib/
> A minor bug.  What's special about those files is that they're generated
> into the pylib *source* directory by the normal build; waf doesn't try to
> clean that directory. 

The c file from bison goes into xxx/host/ntpd/
so waf knows how to work with source files that aren't in the source tree.
But I don't know if python can find them.

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