Progress, and a puzzle.

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Fri Nov 4 20:16:43 UTC 2016

Hal Murray <hmurray at>:
> > Hal, you sould try reinstalling.  That version of the Python extension might
> > be stale, which *could* trigger the OpenSSL conlict. 
> I tried that and it still dies.

OK, that's weird.  I certainly cannot reproduce it here.

> > Try running pyntpq in the ntpq directory.  That's an ntp symlink to the
> > source-tree location of the libries it needs.
> That doesn't work either.

What error message do you get?

> > In the present state of things, the Python ntp library is part of the normal
> > install to rootspace...
> There is still a can of worms in this area.  I want to be able to test new 
> libraries without installing them.

That's the reason for the ntp symlink in ntpq.  If you run pyntpq from there,
import ntp should find that link and all should be well.  Is "." not on your
Python import path?
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