Monday checkin, please.

Amar Takhar verm at
Tue Mar 29 17:13:50 UTC 2016

On 2016-03-28 15:23 +0000, Mark Atwood wrote:
> Good morning, everybody.
> I am on my way to the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, where I will be,
> among other things, representing NTPsec.

Sounds great!  Please keep us posted! :)

> Tomorrow morning will be another metronomic 0.9.* version release.  Please
> merge what you are working on that you are confident in, and please update the
> NEWS file with any visible or security-significant work.

Please add the version bump to the master branch as part of the release 
procedure.  Also, once you do this I will create a tarball for the ftp site.

> Amar: what is the status of the buildbot array?  And also, please post a list
> of all our targets and all the targets that have been added since the beginning
> of the year.  I am going to use that as part of the report to the LF CII.

You can get this list and their categories here:

What is not listed and will be up soon:

  MIPS32 (MIPS Creator CI20)
  ARM64 (Raspberry Pi 3)
  PPC (Old Mac mini)

PPC may turn into a VM.  The machine I have is old and generates a lot of heat I 
will have to run some tests.

> Also, Amar: what is the status of the start of the reply-branch?  That is
> something that I really want to be able to show progress on to the LF CII.  Do
> to various events that have happened in other LF CII projects, the CII is right
> now extraordinarily interested and concerned about "did you break it trying to
> fix it" issues.

The part I'm trying to figure out right now is how to ensure we can easily port 
changes to the build backwards as improvement happen forwards.

I want to have the replay branch under all the BuildBot Workers running in a 
similar fashion -- after every commit.

The branch has several major issues that I've almost sorted:

  1. Renaming of files.
  2. Merging of utilities
     - Files that are now completely gone
  3. New programs.
  4. Macro defines.

I want to track these as close to 1:1 as possible so after the branch is 
complete we have a linear history for each file in that branch.  Some of the 
changes such as 'ntpfrob' will have to land as one commit.

Macro defines are tricky since we will want to use the same names we have now 
but we have renamed many, removed some and added others.  I have a compat shim 
I'm almost done to handle most of these that can be removed as required.

I'm close to having a solution that works for everything.


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