PROPOSED, change of stance, release metronome

Kurt Roeckx kurt at
Sun Mar 13 23:40:39 UTC 2016

On Sun, Mar 13, 2016 at 10:52:17PM +0000, Mark Atwood wrote:
> Hello Kurt,
> We have not yet had that discussion yet.
> As someone from a distribution, what would you like from NTPsec?

In the ideal world, we'd like to have some releases supported for
something like 5 years.  And if you indicate that some releases
will be supported for a long time, we'll probably pick that
version to ship with our stable releases.

The 5 years would be the time that some distributions support
their releases.  The version would actually be in the distribution
some time before the release, before we have a freeze, so it would
actually be longer than those 5 years.

But we'll take whatever you offer.  Even if it's only like 2 years
it would be useful.

What we have the most problems with is applying the patches to the
versions that is in our release.  Making sure it actually fixes
things.  Code tends to change over the years and it my be
non-obvious how to fix it in older versions.  And so we would love
for you to do all that work.


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