Mark Atwood, checking in, and requesting checkin

Amar Takhar verm at
Wed Mar 2 02:12:08 UTC 2016

On 2016-02-29 19:23 +0000, Mark Atwood wrote:
> - what is the status of the buildbot farm?:
>   - what new targets have been added?
>   - are we still all green for release?
> - what is the status of the start of the waf-replay branch?
> - what other things have you been working on this week?

Sorry for the delay, hunkering down and let my email get a little behind.

- Nearly ready to deploy the cross-compiled Builders.  This required a major 
  change to how I did the config file originally.
- New target will be Ubuntu GCC 4.8 ARM gnuabihf
- Build runners are almost up (On RPIs).  This will execute the binaries to make 
  sure they at least run and to test some commands.  Written using pexpect
- Snapshotting will be up soon.  If all targets pass a snapshot will be 
  generated with prebuilt Bison and manpages set to 'Release' mode.  This 
  removes the asciidoc and Bison requirement for building.
- Furthered my work on having a 'clean' Buildbot config that I can put on a 
  public repository (soon!)

I have checked the cross compiling as much as I can it works in the few places 
I've tested it.  It's fairly robust I think the problem will be a documentation 
one as people try 'traditional' ways of building (auto*).

Started preliminary work on rewinding the build system to work from the first 
commit.  Trying to get something a little nicer than just moving the whole thing 
back.  I want a build that is easier to manage as we make changes to it based on 
the newly added commits.  I also want all the commits to go through BuildBot, 
cross compiling and run-tests to ensure they're OK.


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