Technical strategy and performance

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Jun 30 22:26:44 UTC 2016

esr at said:
> There are some prerequisites.  Libraries need the library installed to run
> and in addition, the development headers installed to build.

> Python 2.x, x >= 5
> bison
> libevent 2.x
> libcap
> OpenSSL
> GNU readline
> BSD libedit
> sys/timepps.h
> asciidoc, a2x

It's (much?) more complicated than that.

Python and bison are needed to build and install.  Python may be needed by 
some utilities.

libcap and timepps.h are optional.  libcap on Linux is needed for drop root.  
timepps is needed for PPS support.  ntpd will run fine without them.

For the crypto stuff, we need libcrypto.  On Fedora, that comes from the 
cryptopp package.  I'm not sure how that's tangled up with OpenSSL.  We can 
build without it but you won't get the crypto stuff.

asciidoc is only needed to build the documentation.  If necessary, you could 
build it on a different system and copy it over.

I think readline and libedit are only needed by utilities like ntpq.

I think a tarball avoids some of the build requirements.  I'd guess bison and 
asciidoc, but I'm not sure.

We should probably setup a cross compile example.

esr at said:
> Hmmmm. Daniel, shouldn't that OpenSSL be replaced by libsodium?  Please
> write up an entry on that. 

We have a local copy of whatever we need from libsodium.  We need libcrypto 
for the crypto stuff.

Amar:  Buildbot should probably include a system that doesn't have any of the 
optional stuff installed - just to make sure we really can build on it.


Eric:  There is code for md5 and sha1 (I think) that gets built if you don't 
have the appropriate library.  I don't remember when it gets included.  Have 
you considered nuking it?

Or do we want to retain a private copy of the basic crypto routines so we 
don't depend on another package.  If so, we will probably need our copy of 

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