Technical strategy and performance

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Thu Jun 30 14:15:47 UTC 2016

Heads up, Mark!

Jason Azze <jason at>:
>                                            I think it would be an
> improvement to add a CentOS 6.8 builder to buildbot so that build
> failures will be visible on commit.

Agreed.  Mark may be able to get that going.

> The documentation build on RHEL 6 is broken right now, but I have been
> remiss in writing a formal report for the issue tracker. I hope to
> find the cycles this weekend.

We shall await you. Part of that may be my pigeon - I think I know the
asciidoc toolchain better than anyone else that's handy.

> That said, at the current maturity level of the project, I think you
> are "doing enough".

Good.  I take the message that we're gping to need to up our game
for 1.0., but I'm not personally the guy who can do that. You need
to (gently) bug Mark and Amar.
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