The new refclock directive is implemented and documented

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Mon Jun 27 22:55:21 UTC 2016

Hal Murray <hmurray at>:
> esr at said:
> >> hp58503a should probably be hpgps.  It works for several devices.
> > OK.  Can you enumerate some other devices so I can list them in the header
> > comment and on the driver page? 
> The documentation already mentions the Z3801A.  There are a lot of them in 
> the ham/hacker community courtesy of the cell phone industry many years ago.  
> I think these were the first GPSDOs available at recycled prices.  The manual 
> is available and makes a good read for background info on GPSDOs.  There is 
> lots of non-HP info available on the web.
> They are really old (GPS software says COPYRIGHT 1991-1995 MOTOROLA) so the 
> GPS units aren't very sensitive.
> There are several other Z38xx versions available.  There are usually a few of 
> them on eBay.
> Recently, a batch of new Z3811/3812 two unit pairs appeared, also known as 
> KS-24361.  Lucent unloaded their stockpile.

Thanks, that was helpful.  I've reverted to hpgps everywhere.
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