offset: time1 or time2

Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Jun 27 18:02:57 UTC 2016

esr at said:
> Which reminds me: an addition I'm considering is adding "offset" as a
> synonym for time1 or time2, whichever one usually sets an offset for time
> reported from the unit. Only., I'm not clear which it should be; either it
> varies by driver or I'm not understanding the documentation properly. Can
> you shed any light on this? 

The problem arises when you have something like the NMEA driver that tries to 
handle the PPS by itself.  That needs two offsets, one for the serial port 
and one for the PPS.  My suggestion would be offset and pps-offset.

I think the only way to be sure what is going on would be to go through the 
drivers one by one and make a chart of their usage.  That might be handy for 
other uses.  If you make one, consider adding it to docs/  Just put a date on 
it.  It's probably worth grepping the drivers to make sure the code agrees 
with the documentation.  I think there was a reasonable attempt to keep the 
usage common across drivers but I won't be surprised by any differences.

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