New ntpq peers chops refclocks to 6 characters

Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Jun 27 09:30:05 UTC 2016

How does your new stuff handle multiple instances of a refclock type?

For a test case, I suggest a USB driver in addition to a HAT.  Try both 
NMEA/PPS as well as both SHM and various combinations.

The JSON driver uses the high bit of the unit to enable/disable the PPS.

The NMEA and HP drivers use the mode/ttl slot to select the baud rate.  There 
are probably others that do something similar.   As long as you are changing 
things, you might as well clean up how the baud rate gets passed in.  It 
needs that before it opens the /dev/tty.  The old fudge stuff is too late.  
(Or was at one point.)

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