Arcron clock driver in NTP

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Thu Jun 16 21:50:59 UTC 2016

Mark Atwood <fallenpegasus at>:
> esr: kill it

It's gone.  And we are indeed at 59% removals now.

Note that I junked two other drivers recently - Conrad PCF and Spectracom
TSYNC PCI.  I didn't query you about them because that was within written
policy and I really should have caught them during the big sweep last year.

What I missed was driver dependencies.  The TSYNC PCI is *nasty* from
a security standpoint; it requires a proprietary in-kernel driver. Policy
from before you were running things is that's a crash landing and I didn't
even form the thought that you might want to change that.

The Conrad PCF needs a third-party kernel driver that's open-source,
but no longer exists for Linux - it's somebody's dorm-room hack that fell
off the net.  It might (might) atill exist in some BSDs.  But the hardware
also requires a *parallel port*.  Been a lot of years since I've heard
of one of those being in use anywhere, and they sure ain't going to be in
modern data centers.  *PLONK*
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