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Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Tue Jun 7 19:13:56 UTC 2016

Gary E. Miller writes:
> "On startup ntpd will take the first time it gets to set the system clock.
> If this first time is an imprecise clock, say derived from NMEA, then
> ntpd may takes days to restabilize.
> The first time ntpd acquires will tend to be the ones higher up in the
> file with the lowest maxpoll.
> So to work around this ntpd glitch put your best time sources high in
> the ntp.conf file, with your shortest maxpoll and your worst one at the
> bottom with higher maxpolls."

This is quite likely wishful thinking.  Provided that DNS is working as
it should, all servers get mobilized essentially at the same time (you
can check the logs in which order they get contacted) and the first one
to actually pass the quality filters is the one that sets the time.  I
don't know about GPS, but with DCF77 all network clocks have stabilized
before I get the first reading from the stratum 0 clock no matter where
I put these entries in the config file.  Maxpoll settings don't kick in
until much later.  The quality filters do prefer local peers over remote
ones, it'll usually lock to my router first before the stratum 1 servers
from the PTB kick in a few seconds later (I've hard-configured these
since they are the ones providing the time for DCF77).

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