Draft Stratum 1 Microserver HOWTO is up

Mike bellyacres at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 03:48:55 UTC 2016

Just finished another full run through this paying more attention this 
time.  Hopefully it's mostly clear, been along day here!

(after you haves set a +root password)
                  have                root

$ sha1sum 2016-03-18-raspbian-jessie-lite.zip
9d4c33fe027a0411bf78181f4c2a0a5ba1f97e31 2016-03-18-raspbian-jessie-lite.zip

The sha1sum above doesn't align with the raspberrypi.org site.
It is right if downloaded from catb.org.

The above links produce/show b78bb50bdac5ec8c108f34104f788e214ac23635

Your ddimage command execution should look like this:

+ #chmod +x ddimage
+ # ddimage ./ddimage <sdd> <imagename.zip>
- # ddimage sdd
Checking /dev/sdd
/dev/sdd exists as a mountable device.

ddimage *does not* unzip anything as the text explains.  set -- *img 
shifts out
$# and the following if test fails...

My patch attached as ddimage.patch

I also removed setting $1 to sdd.
That is just a wild guess in my experience.
Added some help output if 2 paramaters are not passed.
Added options to dcfldd so it actually shows some progress otherwise
it is silent like dd.

Many USB SD readers have an activity light that blinks while accessed 
are gone;
Many USB SD readers have an activity light that blinks while accessed;

If anyone on the public Internet can reach your SBC via ssh before you 
either change
rgw default-account password the

You may see some noise from ssh about an unknown host;

# raspi-config

Advanced Options (9), Memory Split A3, enter 8

Will gain a bit more memory that the GPU doesn't need with this setup.

              total       used       free     shared    buffers cached
Mem:        445376      63464     381912       4452 6812      33128
after reboot
Mem:        494096      60592     433504       4448 6108      31140

This will do most of the tricky OS and hardware configuration; also 
system software downloads

At this point the steps you can automate with clockmaker begin.
At this point in the steps you can automate with clockmaker.

Go root on the SBC and run "./clockmaker --config".
Go root on the SBC and run "# ./clockmaker --config".

Errors during first clockmaker --config run...
Errors were encountered while processing:
reboot forced from clockmaker --config
log back in
sudo dpkg --purge pi-bluetooth bluez-firmware bluez
re-run clockmaker --config
that appears to have fixed it.

Select a GPS daughterboard type:
S = SKU 42425
A = Adafruit HAT
U = Uputronics HAT
Select a GPS daughterboard type:
Configuring for PPS via GPIO pin 18

Hitting Enter because I'm a ignorant user gives me GPIO pin 18. Or my cat
just steped all over my keyboard, Wife/Kid yelled made me jump. No way 
to quit

Have a patch for that I believe...  Somewhere

You should see repeated lines somewhat resembling this:
You should see repeated lines somewhat resembling this, until you interrupt:

It will seem longer than it is first time

Create your own NTP configuration with this contents as ntp.conf,
but don’t copy it to /etc yet {--build}.

Ah, now I see it --build wgets it for me, the confusion is the bit about 
it to /etc.

Maybe this is clearer or perhaps it's just me.

Create your own NTP configuration with this contents {--build} as ntp.conf,
but don’t copy it to /etc yet.

# gpsd/gpsd /dev/gpsd0
# ./gpsd/gpsd /dev/gpsd0

# ntpsec/build/main/ntpd/ntpd -g -c ntp.conf
# ./ntpsec/build/main/ntpd/ntpd -g -c ntp.conf

Consistency on the above two.  The ./xxx/xxx convention is used 
everywhere above.

# ntpsec/build/main/ntpq/ntpq -p
$ ntpsec/build/main/ntpq/ntpq -p

Do we really need root for dat?

You will probably want to re-fetch clockmaker and do a "clockmaker 
--build" in
your home directory.

Why?  It's moved with --secure now.

A company representative has stated that
forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=111&t=7660[the Adafruit HAT should work 
with it]

Is this link supposed to be linked in the references?  Looks really out 
of place
with the rest of the document.

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