Test farm news - I think my cat is forcing me to acquire Legos

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Jun 3 21:54:26 UTC 2016

Newer Pis have the power going in the side rather than end.  That's going to 
make a similar rack difficult to assemble.

> But I'd hate like hell to have results from a multi-day profiling run
> ruined. Preventive measures seem required.

Get used to it.  There are all sorts of reasons why multi-day runs don't go 
the way you plan.

> The only way I can see to head off further mishaps is to put the farm
> machines into a weighted rack that takes up enough of the Windowsill to deny
> Zola a landing pad.  With, like, spiky bits sticking up so he won't want to
> jump on top of *it*. 

Double sided sticky tape might be enough to keep things from getting knocked 
off the window sill.

Wood is a pretty good construction material.  You could build a shelf that 
sits an inch or two above the sil.

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