Test farm news - I think my cat is forcing me to acquire Legos

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Fri Jun 3 20:48:20 UTC 2016

This afternoon I found that two of the Pis on the Official Windowsill
of Mad Science had been dislodged and fallen to my desk. A couple of
bent Venetian blinds behind them were a clue to the identity of the
culprit - to wit, my cat Zola.  He means no harm, but he is a lively
and curious creature who has been seen to inhabit windowsills.

I got lucky this time, nothing was damaged and no power interrupted.
But I'd hate like hell to have results from a multi-day profiling run
ruined. Preventive measures seem required.

The only way I can see to head off further mishaps is to put the farm
machines into a weighted rack that takes up enough of the Windowsill
to deny Zola a landing pad.  With, like, spiky bits sticking up so he
won't want to jump on top of *it*.

This looks like a job for...Legos.


Which is why I now find myself wondering where I can go to get a bunch
of old-fashioned Lego bricks and plates and strips that aren't, like, a
model kit for a movie tie-in.  I can't use duplo blocks or minifigs
or wheels, not for this application.

(I had a huge pile of this stuff when I was a kid.  No idea what
became of it all.)

Ah.  There's a Lego Store at King of Prussia Mall, 8 miles from here.

The things I do for science...

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