GR-701W hangs on Pi-3

Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Fri Jun 3 18:55:14 UTC 2016

Gary E. Miller writes:
> The Pi people say 2 amps is not good enough, they recommend 2.5A.

I've been running my 2B unit on a 1A charger and never had any problems.
Just the Pi+network, though, nothing hanging off the other I/O except a
DCF77 module on the expansion header (I've sporadically used the HDMI
and a USB keyboard, but not long enough to say anything about their
long-term stability effects).  I plan to add a GPS mouse via USB, but
that should still be within the capability of the PSU.  When it comes to
PSU, larger isn't better, regulation and efficiency deteriorates at low
utilization and the best efficiency is typically found between 50...80%

My older Pi, a B+, hangs directly off the USB port on my home router
which officially supplies 700mA (but it has another unused USB port and
they most likely share a supply).  That Pi also has a DCF77 connected.

> Anecdotally, the Pi3 need 4.8V minimum to run.  That means with a stiff
> power supply your USB 28AWG can be no longer than 2 feet.  Shorter with
> a mouse, keyboard, etc.

PSU with captive cable could regulate the output voltage at the point of
load.  If you're farming a few boxes, I'd rather suggest a PoL converter
that supplies the Pi from one of the headers and can take in something
between 9…22V.

If using USB cables with plugs on both ends, never plug them in or out
with the power switched on (especially not on the micro side) and you
should have a lot less problems.

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