Removing the worst cruft

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Sun Jul 24 12:29:03 UTC 2016

Mark Atwood <fallenpegasus at>:
> the fact that it was an obsolete sound card was itself reason to kill it.
> leave it killed, and fossilized in the git history.

I don't think anything else still in our driver inventory hits an
obsolete-hardware-class filter. Er, maybe the ACTS support - depends on
what you think of Hayes-compatible modems.

When I get back I'll re-audit the existing drivers to see if "ten years with
no chatter" applies to any of the others.

Actually, I should voice my suspicions now.  Other people can trawl the
net while I'm gone.

Drivers that very well might fail the ten-year test: truetime, magnavox,
palisade, oncore, jupiter.

I'm specifically leaving off spectracom and arbiter, as there are
product lines known or strongly suspected to be using the same
protocols even though the original implementations are long EOLed.
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