Upcoming vacation

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Mon Jul 18 01:44:12 UTC 2016

This is a quick briefing on my vacation plans.  The amount of detail
in it is because I will have a week of limited availability in the evenings.
followed by a week of effectively no availability. Plan accordingly.

World Boardgaming Championships - Sat Jul 23 to Sun Jul 31:

I'll have a heavy schedule of tournaments during the day but limited
availability in the evenings with good WiFi.  Which evenings is
difficult to predict as some tournaments will run as late as 2300,
but I should be able to keep tabs on mail and IRC. I probably will not
have enough energy for coding.

I'll have my phone on me all the time and thus be available via Signal
in emergencies, but try to keep the traffic low as I don't want to be
rude to other players.

Interlude: Mon Aug 1 and Tue Aug 2.  Most of this will be drive time.
Signal availability only. 

Summer Weapons Retreat - Wed Aug 3 to Sun Aug 7.  The retreat center
is deep in the Michigan woods with neither WiFi nor T-Mobile service,
so I will be generally incommunicado.  I may make it out to town once
or twice for a spot of WiFi, but when is unpredictable.

Mon Aug 8 - The drive home. Signal availability only.

I'll take an additional day off to decompress, but expect to be fully
back at work Wed Aug 10.
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