Any important bugs/quirks?

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Fri Jul 8 11:58:13 UTC 2016

Hal Murray <hmurray at>:
> Things have been a bit, well, "interesting" the past few days.  I think 
> everything has been put back together.  Is there anything that needs fixing 
> that I/we have missed?  (I'm not looking for new features we haven't 
> implemented yet, just things that we broke or things we changed that don't 
> work right yet.)

Things are, alas, going to be more "interesting" in the future because
the work Daniel and I are doing has become riskier.  As long as I was mostly
removing code, the correctness of each step was easy to prove and my
error rate was extremely low.  Now we have moved into kinds of refactoring
that make dynamic behavior changes, harder to verify.  And a few feature
additions, with more to come.  Some bumps in the road are inevitable, but
we do self-correct pretty quickly.

I think we are now in a good state. Looking at the issue list I see
nothing that concerns me much - mostly build glitches, a cluster of
minor problems in the gpsd and nmea drivers. It's a good time to be
doing things like landing the new restrict language and working on

> Is this a good time for a release?  (before we break anything again)

I told Mark we were clear for release after I squashed the memlock/threads/
async-DNS bug.  I would have called hold if he had announced an intention
to ship while while we were sorting out the peerstats logging glitch, but
that's fixed now.

If you want something to work on solo, the driver glitches could use some
attention.  That's anything with #46 or #20 in the title.  You and I
should also be trying to sneak up on TESTFRAME.
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