Is Python2.5 a dependency

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Jan 20 04:30:41 UTC 2016

>> It's worth pointing out that Python is only required on the build machine.
> Only for waf ?  Or does something else require it as well in the build?

waf needs it.

I poked around a bit and didn't find anyplace other than waf where python is 
used.  On the other hand, we have mantioned reworking ntpq or writing 
something like it to use json and python.

"required" is an interesting term.  I consider ntpd to be the only required 
program.  It's common for some init scripts to use ntpdate.  I think ntpd has 
enough options to cover all those use cases but the details haven't been 
worked out.  So ntpfrob might be required too, and/or maybe a few scripts 
like ntp-wait.

The other stuff in there ranges from really useful, like ntpq, to something 
that somebody thought was useful a long time ago.  You can run ntpq on 
another machine, so it isn't really required on the target system.

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