proposed policy change, new contributors use gitlab merge requests, not direct pushes

Mark Atwood fallenpegasus at
Tue Jan 19 21:46:03 UTC 2016


I am proposing instituting a project policy change, to generally not grant
write/push access to the main gitlab repo to any additional contributors.

Instead, we will ask contributors to open a gitlab merge request with their
change, and then members of the existing core team will review their merge
request and act on it.

If someone of amazing talent and wide ranging skill shows up, and they good
reasons to need push access, and are generally able to make a convincing
case for it, we can still grant it.

I will ask everyone to regularly look at the merge request queue at and review and merge them
as they come, and to give the necessary feedback, shepherding, and
gratitude to contributors.

I do not yet see the need to add more complexity to this workflow, and
integrating it with the CI/CD and formalized review processes.  Nor am I
asking any of the existing core team to change their own workflow to use
merge requests instead of direct pushes.

If you have objections to this proposed change, please let me know, either
here in devel or privately.

Thank you!

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