Mark Atwood, checking in, and requesting checkin

Mark Atwood fallenpegasus at
Mon Feb 29 19:23:07 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

My apologies for dropping the ball last week, this week I will tag and
release 0.9.3, probably on Wednesday.

I am now managing the open source engagement for the OpenSwitch project,
and I plan on arranging to have ntpsec be the implementation that
OpenSwitch uses.

In related good news, I may have a summer intern for us.  More details when
I get it locked down, and when summer begins.

I notice that Coverty scan has found two warnings.  Can someone open bugs
for them, and then fix them?

- what is the status of the buildbot farm?:
  - what new targets have been added?
  - are we still all green for release?
- what is the status of the start of the waf-replay branch?
- what other things have you been working on this week?

- what is the status of testframe
- what else have you been working on this week?

- how has been coming the bugs and interesting issues you have been chasing?

everyone else:
- what have you worked on this week?

Thanks everyone!

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