An ontology of clocks

Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Feb 22 11:16:54 UTC 2016

dfoxfranke at said:
> I've seen "precision" used both ways by different authors, but I think
> you're right that resolution is a better choice of terminology because it
> avoids that ambiguity. 

A good glossary would be a big help.

gem at said:
>     "Precision is the random uncertainty of a measured value, expressed
>     by the standard deviation or by a multiple of the standard
>     deviation." 

I can't figure out what that means.

I think it's something different than the simple digital sort of things that 
Daniel has been discussing.  Standard deviation makes me think that it's 
interested in the noise of capturing a PPS signal.  If you look carefully, 
you might get a bell curve or something like it, probably not symmetric.

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