Cross compiling.

Hal Murray hmurray at
Fri Feb 12 19:02:47 UTC 2016

verm at said:
> It's so straight forward to use.  You literally just need to supply it the
> compiler and any cflags.  There is nothing fancy at all required.  I can
> write a  paragraph on how to do this.

> For instance when I tested on Ubuntu all I did was install  gcc-arm-linux-gnu
> eabihf and did:

I think there are two things I'm looking for.  One is the concepts.  The 
other is the details.  Text that I can cut/paste cover the details.  It 
probably takes a sentence or two to explain the concept.

It can be as simple as "Install the compiler" to decode things like 
"gcc-arm-linux-gnu".  But is it really just the compiler or does that package 
also include other tools?  It may take a bit of background info on the target 
environment to set things up.

If you have an example worked out for Ubuntu, I can probably find the 
corresponding packages on other distros/OSes.  That's assuming that I'll have 
to go through the same steps but some of the names have changed.  In the 
simple case, somebody could cover another distro/OS by adding a set of 
cut-paste steps.

>   waf configure --cross-compiler=arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc

Where do the header files and libraries come from?

What does "waf install" do?

> It built fine.  No OpenSSL or libevent2.  I built those later using the same
>  compiler and it all worked as expected.

What did you do to get OpenSSL or libevent2?

> OK.. if anyone has any suggestions where the docs should go I can write
> something. 


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