utmpx on OpenBSD.

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Feb 6 05:30:21 UTC 2016

verm at darkbeer.org said:
> In 7d8b2d1 utmpx.h was always assumed to be available.  This is not true as
> OpenBSD does not have utmpx support.

> Can someone look at this please and bring it back?  The old way seems a
> little convoluted if there is a better way we should try it. 

I took a quick look.  It won't be hard to put that stuff back, but it's 
typical of the sort of code that Eric ripped out for good reasons.

But do we want to go there?  Is that a slippery slope?

We could easily and cleanly bypass the code that uses utmpx.  That would 
screwup accounting if time stepped by more than a second.

Just curious, does anybody use accounting these days?  If so, are they 
running OpenBSD?

> There is no point in hoping for utmpx support in OpenBSD either I won't
> repeat  the discussions here but there are plenty on the OpenBSD lists.

utmpx is part of POSIX.  I didn't find a good reason why OpenBSD doesn't 
support it.

I did find one "strong +1" comment for not supporting non-posix workarounds.

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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