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Hal Murray hmurray at
Fri Feb 5 11:12:33 UTC 2016

fallenpegasus at said:
> Tweaking ntpq to show the setup is interesting.  Is ntpq called by anything
> of note in any of the main distributions.  It may be worth adding that to
> the display in a way that doesnt change too much, and then wait for bug
> reports from distros and users. 

ntpq is primarily used by humans.  Somebody might have a script that parses 
it, but the format sure isn't friendly for that sort of hacking.

There are two changes that would make sense.  One would be to show some slots 
that now get skipped over.  This is needed anyway to debug some pool cases.  
I was just going to round it up to show everything.  I'll have to look to see 
what other cases don't show currently.

The other change would be in the "t" column.  (t for type)  The details of 
the current code are in the man page.  I'd be adding a few new codes.

I think the changes are localized enough so that we could add a switch.  It 
would just be clutter to maintain.

> Interesting about the bug in the startup.  Does NTP Classic do it too?
>  If so, report it to their bugtracker, after we release 0.9.2 

I'm pretty sure it does.

I noticed the problem because I stumbled into a test case where the first 
clock to respond just happens to be my home system and my DSL line has a bad 
case of buffer bloat.  That distorts the timing enough to make ntpd step the 
time which puts an ugly entry into the log file.

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