prep for NTPsec 0.9.6 release

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Dec 28 12:27:00 UTC 2016

> If you you any reason not to tag and release 0.9.6 in the next few days,
> please let us know. 

I think it needs a lot of testing and bug fixing and polishing rather than 
new features that end up breaking something.

A few days is New Years.  I don't think it will get enough testing and or 
fixing between now and then.


There are bugs in the ntpq retransmission logic.  It's next on my list.  But 
I keep getting sidetracked by minor things.

waf distclean still leaves stuff.
waf build doesn't make some of the python stuff.  waf check does.
But they don't get cleaned, so you won't notice unless you start with a fresh 
And they aren't stored in the build dirctory, so nuking that doesn't get them.

I'm not happy with the autorevision stuff.  Maybe just because I don't 
understand it.

Have you tested it in tarball mode?  How is that supposed to work?  What gets 
built before the tarball and what gets built after the tarball is unpacked?

I normally rsync my working directory to other systems.  I skip the .git 
directory to save space and time and clutter.  On those other systems, I get 
compiler errors from a True in ntpd/version.h
It's on the last line of code.  I hacked around it by deleting that line from 
the prototype in  We don't use that variable.
  #define VCS_WC_MODIFIED               ${VCS_WC_MODIFIED}

It also misses the version stuff.  I get things like:
  play--564 2016-12-28T07:55:16Z
(play is my working directory)

The date string in the version stuff seems to come from 
That's not really helpful if you are trying to figure out which version you 
are debugging.
I really want the build date.
Second choice would be the last edit date of the newest source file.
Build dies on my non-master systems if I delete the cache.
  No repo or cache detected.
So I can't delete it in a script and get a new date.

The version string from ntpd doesn't include "ntpd"
(The sample above is the whole line from ntpd.)

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