Monitoring busy servers

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Tue Dec 27 10:30:49 UTC 2016

Hal Murray <hmurray at>:
> Do we have technology for making flow charts?  Are they better than text?  
> For the MRU stuff, I think I can do a decent job with text.  (It's not that 
> complicated.)  Should the text go in the code or in a separate doc where the 
> ntpq documentation can refer to it?  ...

I would do this kind of thing in pic, which is why I wrote the pic2graph
tool in the groff suite.

[long description omitted]
> Ahh.  Maybe I just figured it out.  There is a design oversight in the MRU 
> recycle/preempt logic.

You are way, way ahead of me in understanding that code.  Do what you think
is needed.  Try to document semantic changes.

> More cruft.  All the tests for oldest != NULL can be removed.  If the list is 
> totally empty, the slot would have come from the free list.

Do it.  I think my best course is to stay out of your way so we don't
generate merge conflicts.
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