broadcastclient ?

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Thu Dec 22 21:20:08 UTC 2016

Hal Murray <hmurray at>:
> While following cruft, I noticed that auth is a keyword and that T_Auth is 
> only used once in a way that seemed strange.  The other usage is deep within 
> the parser.  It sets up a table.  That seems cute rather than clean to me, 
> but maybe there is some trick I don't appreciate.

I see this:

	:	T_Allpeers
	|	T_Auth
	|	T_Ctl
	|	T_Io
	|	T_Mem
	|	T_Sys
	|	T_Timer

It's referenced from inside a 'reset' syntax.

> Look at config_reset_counters
> Looks like the loop and select can be replaced by a simple handful of calls, 
> then the reset_counters slot in ptree goes away along with the wart in the 
> parser.

What loop and select?

I think the intent here is to enable you to type ":config reset auth" in
ntpq and reset the counter tracking authorization lookups.

> Windows using broadcast is plausible, but a quick scan with google doesn't 
> find enough to convince me that it's an important use case.

Yes, I'm a bit dubious about that myself.  But I can also believe that
Mark knows something I don't.
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