Nonce aging has been repaired

Hal Murray hmurray at
Tue Dec 20 01:37:38 UTC 2016

esr at said:
> The Python client library now requests nonces every 16 seconds during an
> MRU-request sequence, rather than every 4 requests. 

I don't think we are on the same wavelength yet.

You may have fixed a bug (thanks), but ntpd still sends back a new nonce that 
is getting ignored.

Here is some debugging printout...

sendrequest: opcode=10, associd=0, qdata=nonce=dc03011a70e845070c9e91e8, 
Fragment collection begins
Fragment collection ends. 1437 bytes in 4 fragments
First line:
nonce=dc03011ad5236a693b197d13, last.0=0xdc02c3c5.86b8a1a7, mv.0=35,

That was a successful request.

Here is the start of the next request:

sendrequest: opcode=10, associd=0, qdata=nonce=dc03011a70e845070c9e91e8, 
frags=5, ...

Note that it is using the old nonce.


I just pushed tweaks so that debug level 2 prints out the first line of text 
in the response.
(That shows the nonce above.)

I also fixed to so that in addition to recent=xx, it takes frags=x and limit=x

That code also processes maxlstint, but it's not documented and I haven't 
tracked down what that does.  (It's in ntp_control so it does something.)

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