Is Solaris 11 supported?

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Wed Dec 14 22:26:44 UTC 2016

Sanjeev Gupta <ghane0 at>:
> (while waiting for daylight to provision the Itaniums, I spun up a Solaris
> 11 vm)
> It seems to meet the requirements in INSTALL (POSIX C99, etc).  waf
> configure completes, but build fails.
> Logs in

(The following diktat contains policy and policy byproducts.  I thus speak
under the possibility of correction by Mark.)

In general, "Is platform X supported?" is the wrong question.  The right
question is: how good is their stanards conformance?

The amount of effort we'll expend to get around nonconformance is directly
proportional to the platform's market share.  Solaris 11 probably isn't
very important these days; on the other hand, those glitches don't look
too bad at first blush.

I'll poke at it.
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