broadcastclient ?

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Dec 8 09:04:18 UTC 2016

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esr at said:
> That is correct.  Broadcast client mode has been removed because it is
> impossible to secure. 

We really should have a single top-level file that covers all the simple 
differences from ntp-classic.

We should probably patch the parser to emit an error message with a pointer 
to that file.  Or is the whole message (above) for this case simple enough 
that we should include it inline?

Should that sort of trap fail to start?  Will users get surprised when they 
miss the error message or annoyed when they know what to expect but they have 
to work harder to try it?


I took a quick look at the code.  There is quite a bit of broadcastclient 
cruft that didn't get removed.  Any reason not to nuke it?

What's the story on broadcast/multicast server mode?  If we don't have a 
client, is there any reason for a server?

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