✘waf error

Gary E. Miller gem at rellim.com
Fri Dec 2 01:26:50 UTC 2016

Yo Eric!

Buildbot giving some results, this from Debian 7.9 GCC 4.7.2 Python 2.7.3

301Build failed
302Traceback (most recent call last):
303  File "/home/worker/bin/.waf-1.8.20-c859ca7dc3693011756f4edf45c36626/waflib/Task.py", line 110, in process
304    ret=self.run()
305  File "", line 11, in f
306  File "/home/worker/bin/.waf-1.8.20-c859ca7dc3693011756f4edf45c36626/waflib/Task.py", line 95, in exec_command
307    return bld.exec_command(cmd,**kw)
308  File "/home/worker/bin/.waf-1.8.20-c859ca7dc3693011756f4edf45c36626/waflib/Context.py", line 177, in exec_command
309    raise Errors.WafError('Execution failure: %s'%str(e),ex=e)
310WafError: Execution failure: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, Nod3 found

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