Kernel PLL graphs

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Aug 3 21:24:01 UTC 2016

Matthew.Selsky at said:
> I'm using maxpoll of 1 on my stratum 1 servers.  And I have !NO_HZ set.  My
> offsets stay belong 1 microsecond as reported by ntpq.  If we switched the
> units to nanoseconds, that might be interesting.

Time to make sure I've got the right number of negatives...  "I have !NO_HZ 
set" means you have unset NO_HZ which probably means you had to build your 
own kernel.

Do you have flag3 turned on?  If so, the kernel does all the work and maxpoll 
is essentially ignored.

I though there was a min to maxpoll so I'm a bit surprised you could set it 
to 1.

> I don't have !NO_HZ set on my stratum 2 servers, but I'm looking at the
> ramifications of that.

At least for the effect I'm discussing, it only matters if you have a PPS.

> I'm curious what your results are. 

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