How much for a 1 GHz computer

Chris Johns chrisj at
Fri Nov 27 03:51:11 UTC 2015

On 27/11/2015 10:04 AM, Hal Murray wrote:
> Note that the new board doesn't have an Ethernet.
> The Raspberry Pi comes in various versions.
> The Pi 2 has  a 4 core ARM v7, 900 MHz, 1 GB of ram, micro SD, Ethernet, and 
> 4 USB slots.  This is the only version I would consider buying today if the 
> goal is hacking with ntpsec.  It runs waf configure and build in 2-3 minutes. 
>  (That's without asciidoc.)

I agree they are great, I have a few. Just a note on the ethernet, it is
via a USB2 connected MAC device and not directly connected to the DDR so
the performance is ok not great, ie they are not for NAS type applications.

> I use it headless so I haven't paid much attention to the graphics.

The graphics is very good using the Broadcom binary blob. Load Kodi on
it to make a media box and you will see the nice HD video performance.


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