The libevent issue (Was: Re: checking in)

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Thu Nov 26 02:12:01 UTC 2015

Hal Murray <hmurray at>:
> > This is a little bad, but not unrecoverable.  Only ntpdig requires
> > libevent2; ntpd, in particular, builds without it.  If we have to document
> > that as a limitation I don't think we're going to lose customers over it. 
> I agree with your general approach, but it's more complicated than that.
> libevent2 is currently linked with ntpkeygen
> I just tried removing it and it still builds.  I'll push the fix (or send an 
> update) shortly.

Just pulled it - thanks.

> ntpdig is the ntpdate replacement.  It's often used as part of the boot time 
> startup tangle.  CentOS 7 does that.

Are you sure? I did a check on major distributions in the debate around dropping
ntpdate.  I'm pretty sure I checked Fedora and they were launching with ntpd -g
like everybody else.
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