Target OS list? (Was: RE: The libevent issue (Was: Re: checking in))

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Nov 25 23:16:10 UTC 2015

dtpoirot at said:
> Is there a candidate list of OSes to be targeted?

For Linux, OS isn't good enough.  You also have to specify the distro.  I 
think I've seen something similar for one of the *BSDs, but I forget the 

For all OSes/distros, you also need to specify the version.  Most 
OSes/distros support 2 versions, or 2.5 depending on how you count.  There is 
normally something like:
  The current released version
  The previous released version
  The in-progress next version.

There is often a bit of overlap for a short while after a new version is 
released.  For example, on Fedora 3 versions are normally supported for a 
month or so before support for the now old-old version gets dropped.

> You can put just about anything on a VM these days!  ;-) 

I'm not familiar with running VMs.  Is xen on Linux/Fedora reasonably easy to 
setup and learn?  (and reasonably solit)  Can I boot from any handy CD?  Or 
do things work a lot better if the guest kernal knows it will be running on 

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