checking in

Amar Takhar verm at
Wed Nov 25 17:42:10 UTC 2015

On 2015-11-25 17:35 +0000, Mark Atwood wrote:
> Ah, I misunderstood.
> So, the state we are in now is:
> - All the tests run?
> - All the test pass?

When you say "all" yes all the ones converted run and pass -- with exception to a 
few which I will get back to later they've been commented out.

> Regarding "Working on the new test suite alongside converting the current one."
> Why a new test suite?  What are you converting the current one into?

The old test suite used Google Test which is C++.  The development model of the 
project changed to one incompatible with the project.  Right now I am converting 
it all to C using Unity.

The 'new' test suite involves re-arranging it into a more suitable format to 
edit and test.  We need to be setup better for regression testing as well.

It's complicated since the C++ code uses classes and function overloading which 
is going to require a lot of refactoring.  I'm leaving these ones to the end 

>From the old C++ tests it's about 60% complete conversion wise.  I'll hopefully 
have this done 'soon' barring any strangeness which I've already hit..


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