How do I find out which test is failing?

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Nov 25 01:33:20 UTC 2015

After a git pull a few minutes ago:

Waf: Leaving directory `/home/murray/ntpsec/play/glypnod'
execution summary 
  tests that pass 1/2 
  tests that fail 1/2 
'build' finished successfully (2m40.091s)

There is no info in the normal printout.  (Or I'm not looking in the right 

[343/366] Compiling tests/common/tests_main.c
[344/366] Linking glypnod/tests/test_ntpdig
[345/366] Processing glypnod/tests/test_ntpdig
[346/366] Compiling tests/libntp/calyearstart.c

[355/366] Compiling tests/common/caltime.c
[356/366] Linking glypnod/tests/test_libntp
[357/366] Processing glypnod/tests/test_libntp
[358/366] Compiling ntpwait/ntpwait

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